This video is so important to me! Ever since I fell in love with fitness I knew I wanted to enter as many closed doors for plus women as possible. I knew I wanted to not only get my foot through the door but absolutely smash them out and walk in. Its not easy trust me I know. Ive sat at the tables I felt like people think I don’t belong. Ive heard the polite dismissve “ oh okay” when I told people about my story. Ive felt when people didn’t take me seriously but I have never gave up. I never stopped. I never once thought its not going to be worth. I know Im changing the narrative. I know Im making people curious and uncomfortable but Ill never stop. Because fitness is for everyone. Fitness is bridge that should unite everyone no matter what size they are and why. I want to be known for being for EVERYONE. I want to be known for breaking the BARRIERS. I want to be known for CHANGE. This video means so much its a fusion of worlds I absolutely love. Worlds that are not always so welcoming and can be tough. But guess what CREATE YOUR OWN LANE. Make YOUR OWN narrative happen because keep moving forward is better than dweling on the woes of industries. 




Catering for all sizes from small to plus size will always be in my DNA. Want a showday kit for your body building show? Sure I got you?? need plus size leggings? Sure thing?? BE THE CHANGE. 

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