How to choose the perfect leggings?

If you’re a gym freak, you surely know the hustle to choose suitable gym leggings for the workout. It is crucial to choose the right pair of leggings for yourself, or else you might end up ruining your performance.

Here are a few pro tips that are a must to style your workout look perfectly.

Size and Fit 

A perfect legging should snug around your hips, thighs, and calves. Choose leggings according to your fitting; if you choose too small, the fabric will be torn out on wearing. Wear what makes you feel comfortable and suits your body type.

Legging Size Chart

It is easy to figure out your perfect size for leggings and depends on the size of your waist, thighs, and inseam measurement. Plus point, you should consider your weight and height while buying leggings as they are supposed to fit tightly on your body. 

Legging Length

There are three types of leggings based on length:1. Full Length

Full-length leggings go down to the bottom of your legs and cover the legs completely. They are a great option to wear on a cool breezy day.2. ⅞ Length

⅞ length leggings are slightly different from full-length leggings as these come below the calf and above the ankles. 3. Capri Length

capri-length leggings cover the mid-calf and below the knees,but still, these cover more of the legs than shorts do.4. Raised Leggings

There are two types of raised leggings:5. Mid Rise

Mid-rise leggings are below the belly button. They are beautiful to style as gym wear.6. High Rise

High-rise leggings are above the belly button. You can style them for activities like hula hoops.


Finding the suitable fabric for leggings is a must thing to do. The material used in leggings should be of premium quality. If you’re looking for comfy leggings, go for cotton leggings but beware of the fact that cotton can get loose by overstretching.Another option is synthetic fabric for your leggings, including nylon, polyester, and spandex. Synthetic leggings are not soft like cotton leggings and retain their shape. Moreover, these also have moisture-wicking properties.

Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Leggings

The things you should do to style your leggings• Wear leggings with long tops • Do consider the fabric and length of the leggings• Wear leggings that have professional finishing according to your body type• Always wear seamless undergarments under leggings

The thing you shouldn’t do for styling your leggings:• Don’t treat leggings the way you treat your jeans or trousers• Don’t wear too tight or too loose leggings • Don’t style printed leggings with printed tops

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