Slay Wear London was established in 2019. Brand that was created from passion and personal experience of the founder, me Aleks. I want to share this story with you so you understand why we do things the way we do. My name is Aleks and I have been on my journey for the last 10 years. I lacked confidence I couldn’t find anything that fits me and I always felt like I was the odd one out in the gym. I was much bigger than I am today I had to wear very big men clothes to be able to excercise but my love for fitness was far greater than any insecurity to stop me from keep going. That is how Slay Wear came about I wanted to change the fitness industry I wanted to change mindsets of people and most importantly I wanted to make every woman feel special no matter what shape or size they are.  Being a curvy woman myself I really wanted to make women feel empowered and confident and ease any fitness journey start. Myself when I first decided to go for it I had this anxiety of looking different in the gym and all I ever wanted is to wear what others were wearing in the gym. I decided to create Slay Wear to give women choice, to give them the freedom to rock their curves, to rock the outfits and look the same as everyone else. The feeling of not being able to find any gym wear my size will always stay with me and I don’t want a single women out there to feel what I felt entering the gym floor excercising in 5X men clothes that used to stick to me and make me very uncomfortable. Slay Wear is here to change the fitness industry, it’s here to make  nice and trendy gym wear available to all at the same price as we are the ones that cover the classic ‘it’s extra material’ excuse. If you want to listen to the whole story check out our YouTube channel below 🙂

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